Point2Point Courier Service FAQs

Want to find out more about our same day and next day courier services? Some of the more requested FAQs can be found below.

Do you operate 24 hours a day?

Yes, we operate a full 24-hour, 365 days of the year service. We recommended you call us if a time critical request is needed.

How quickly do you collect?

We aim to pick-up in the Glasgow city area and Greater Glasgow area within 30 minutes and all other areas within 60 minutes – apart from the Highland and Islands of Scotland.

Will we be contacted when shipment is delivered?

Yes, either by phone or email with time and P.O.D.

Do you do multi-drops?

Yes, we can assist you with multi-drop loads.

Are your deliveries tracked?

Yes, all our vans are tracked using the latest satellite tracking services.

Will we be informed of any delays?

Yes, we will phone or email asap.

Do you cover the Highlands and Islands/Rural areas?

Yes, we will try to accommodate all deliveries, whether time critical, same day or next day. There are however some situations which may prevent us being able to complete some requests due to the likes of adverse weather or road conditions.

Do you comply with all UK Transportation Regulations?

Yes here at Point2Point Courier Service all of our compliance and insurance documents are available upon request.

Are your drivers Tracked and Insured?

Yes, all of our drivers and vehicles are tracked from collection to delivery. Whether a delivery is time critical, same day or next day delivery.

Can you transport food products with temperature controls?

Yes, we do have a regulated temperature fleet capability.

What if my delivery is late – who do I contact?

If you ever have a question regards to your delivery you can contact us a few ways including by telephone, email or text using our contact details.

Do you have a storage facility?

We do have access to some storage. Any questions relating to this should be put to us in your preferred method of contact using our contact details.

Can I track my delivery?

No, we currently do not have the facilities in place for a customer to track their parcel/shipment directly but you can always contact us if you have any questions on the whereabouts of your parcel/shipment.

Can you transport hazardous materials?

Yes, all of our drivers are fully trained in handling products of all types and to ensure that all safety measures/precautions are taken when handling such items.

If you would like to recommend a new FAQ to be added to this page, please contact us and we will look to add your suggestion.