Knowing how to choose the best courier company for your specific needs is highly important to ensure the safe transit and timely manner of delivering your goods.

Choose the right courier company and you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that this part of your business or organisation will be completely taken care of. This will allow you to concentrate on other duties allaying any concerns regarding package or pallet deliveries.

Get this wrong and the problems it may cause can reverberate throughout your business or organisation leading to delays with important deliveries or problems with damaged goods, all of which in turn can lead to increased costs and customer service issues.

How do you choose the best courier company for your specific demands?

Point2Point Courier Service has a proven track record as a courier company over many years. We work with over 50 businesses and organisations, large and small in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central Scotland and throughout the UK. We understand the importance of a potential client engaging the correct courier company to meet their delivery and scheduling demands. We have put together this valuable checklist to provide an excellent guide when choosing a courier company.


• Check to see if any of your customers or suppliers use the courier company services and ask for feedback.
• Check online ratings and testimonials for information on the quality of service and delivery of a courier company.

• Reliability is always an important consideration. Especially when considering engaging a courier company for contract work.
• As part of your due diligence verify their pick up and delivery timekeeping are both satisfactory.
• Check if there are any issues regarding damaged deliveries caused by the courier company, especially if this is a recurring issue.

• Ensure you choose a courier company who can meet its contractual obligations and does not overstate its service offering in any advertising or elsewhere.
• Check their online brand reputation on forums and social media.

• Ensure staff wear identification badges at all times.
• The company drivers should always wear company branded workwear.

• Ensure the delivery is captured digitally and immediately sent to the sender.

• Make sure your courier has ALL the necessary insurance for vans and your goods.
• Ask for details and check the authenticity of all documents.

• Ensure you choose a courier company who understands the necessity of giving you peace of mind.
• They must show they are a courier company you can rely on to meet your delivery demands at all times.

• When looking to work with a new courier company in a short, medium or long term contractual basis ensure they have a modern fully liveried fleet network capability.
• They must have their own dedicated team of drivers.

• Check they use clean vans. This is a basic requirement of any courier company.
• Drivers should always be presentable.

• A courier company’s satisfactory track record of same day and next day deliveries must be referenced via existing clients if necessary.
• Check out testimonials on their website and ask if you can call the customer for verification and accuracy of any testimonial.

Point2Point Courier Service understands the importance of meeting the professional standards expected by existing and future customers regarding courier company services within the following sectors, industries, organisations and domestic markets:

• Commercial sector
• Industrial sector
• Education sector
• Whisky industry
• Travel industry
• Hospitality sector
• Health sector
• Sports industry
• Media industry
• Public sector
• Government sector
• Domestic sector

Point2Point Courier Service is one of the UK’s premier courier companies offering local, national and international deliveries.

Why choose Point2Point Courier Service as your courier company?

• Improved reliability
• Reduced hassle and stress
• Competitive pricing

From inception in 2010, Point2Point Courier Service has progressively developed into one of the most reliable and well-respected courier companies operating throughout Glasgow, Central Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK.

Our highly experienced and dedicated full time team of drivers pride themselves on understanding the importance of representing your company from the point of collection to the point of delivery.

Point2Point Courier Service’s fleet network is ready to respond to your requirements, whether it is one delivery or multi drop package deliveries around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland (including Highlands and Islands), England, UK* and Worldwide**.

We offer a variety of Same Day and Next Day pick-up and delivery options for customers large and small, across the city, across the UK* or Worldwide** to over 200 countries.

*Packages or pallets collected from the customer by C.O.B are then delivered throughout the UK by C.O.B the following day. ** Some Worldwide addresses may be exempt.

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